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ANNUAL Timber Pest Inspections

Whether you are purchasing a new property or seeking peace of mind for your existing home, it is recommended that your property be inspected on an annual basis by a licensed Pest Inspector.

A MPPPI annual timber pest inspection is designed to alert you to any pests that are going to damage any of the precious timbers of your home – internally and externally!  It is commonly thought that an annual inspection is only for termites, but it entails much more than meets the eye!

Timber Borers are commonly found in the home and can be monitored by your Timber Pest Inspector. Borer are beetles that lay their eggs in dry seasoned timbers. The larvae then hatch and feed on the timber eventually emerging as adult beetles.

Fungal decay and wood rot can weaken exposed timbers over time.

An MPPPI timber pest inspection complies with all relevant Australian Standards and will provide you with a full report detailing any evidence of termites activity or damage present at your property, along with findings of other timber pests that may be a concern, as well as any recommendations we may have to further protect your home against attack.